Saturday, July 2, 2022


 Hey It's Carly and I'm back. I have been down with a bad case of writer's block for the past six months. I have three WIP's and have barely written a word on any of them. Today, a story jumped into my head that actually got me excited for the first time in a long while. I have made some notes and hoping this will finally lead to the thaw.

Do you guys ever get to the point in your creativity where everything just suddenly stops? I love writing and creating blows when that dries up. You kind of feel lost. Over the past six months I have had story ideas come to mind, but they would not produce a full book. Some are funny, others serious, but all great little stories. This got me to thinking...not everything has to be a book. That made me step back for a moment. My whole writing career has been about books, which I dearly love. Getting to share my vision with my audience is a wonderful feeling. That thought though, "it doesn't have to be a book" has stuck with me.  The writing industry is forever changing. Authors have more opportunities than ever to get their work out there for people to enjoy. 

One of my most successful blog post was when I wrote about a local landmark that was being torn down. There were so many positive reactions to that blog. I just re-read it the other night and three things happened. First, it brought back a lot of memories. Second, Thinking of those memories made me remember other great stories from that time. Third, I wrote what I enjoyed. Don't get me wrong, I like writing for young adults and the silliness, humor, fantasy, romance, and down-right unbelievable you will find in Carly Jordynn books, but that blog post was real. The memories were real and I realized, I have a lot of great stories bottled up inside me.

What does that mean? It means this blog is going to undergo another change. I am not going to pressure myself into sticking with a schedule. I am so not a schedule keeping kind of girl. If somebody want a guest spot on this page, they are welcome to participate, but for me, when it is just Carly, I will write about what I am feeling passionate about, I will write about a cherished memory, or I will tell you a that's too small for a book or as a short story. It may be a couple of paragraphs or it may be a couple of pages, either way, I hope you will enjoy them.

Keep checking back. I plan on posting at least once a month (don't want to pressure myself too much, LOL). It may be more depending on what is going on in my world. Until then, have a great July and a safe and happy Independence Day.


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