Forest of the Mist: Travelers

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Seventeen-year-old LILY LAVERY never dreamed her homecoming night would turn out like this. First, she was chauffeured to the dance by her parents, while her boyfriend followed in his car behind them. Second, she never dreamed her Dad would lose control of the car and wreck. Third, she never expected to become orphaned, in a coma, and enter an alternate reality, all in one evening. No, she thought she would arrive at the dance to the cheers of her classmates after being crowned homecoming princess at the big game, dance the night away with her handsome boyfriend, ALEX McGUIRE , and maybe end the night in his arms.

CONNOR O'BRIEN  took one look at the girl, who arrived in the alternate reality known as Paradise Valley, and knew she would be trouble. She oozed it from the top of her tiara, down to her cheerleading uniform. Connor knew that type of girl and vowed to stay away from her. The problem was she looked so sad and broken from her experience. The large class ring on her left-hand, ring finger should have been enough to warn him away, but he found himself drawn to her anyway.

Together, Connor and Lily must battle Kramm, the Warrior King of the Dark Land, and his second in command, COLIN O'BRIEN , Connor’s twin brother, in order to access the portal paths that will lead them back to reality and their sleeping bodies.

 What will happen when they return? Will Lily continue her previous life with Alex, or will she stay with Connor, the man of her literal dreams?

 Sasha Bishop: Retired Slayer

Available now in e-book  and paperback through Soul Mate Publishing and Amazon...Buy link under the LINKS tab.

 Seventeen-year-old SASHA BISHOP has done what no other Slayer has. She survived to the retirement age of seventeen. Now she gets to move to a new city, start a new school during her senior year, and she has to leave behind her 167 year old, semi-unoffical, undead , boyfriend, HUTCH aka ANDREW HUTCHERSON.

At her new school, Sasha becomes friends with her handsome, motorcycle riding, neighbor, DILLON HUTCHERSON, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Hutch. Sasha digs into the mystery and finds that Hutch fathered a child right before he was changed into a vampire. Further research reveals that Dillon is actually Hutch’s great, great, grandson. Now Sasha, with Dillon in tow, must return to her hometown and resume her past duties as the Slayer in order to quell a vampire uprising.

During the first battle, a quirk of fate, has Dillon changing into a vampire. Only the quick action of Sasha’s Watcher, BRANSON SEYFRIED, saves the boy from becoming one. A transfusion of Hutch’s vampire venom and Sasha’s Slayer blood, save Dillon from a life with the undead, but changes him into a Halfling. As a result, Hutch now has Slayer blood too, and Sasha has vampire venom. The three are not only a danger to humans, but to vampire kind.

The impending war between human and vampire is nothing compared to the war within Sasha’s heart as she battles her feelings for Hutch and his grandson. During the final battle, Sasha learns many family secrets, discovers her hearts true love, and finds happiness in a world filled with shadows.

Available now in e-book  and paperback from Soul Mate Publishing. Buy link located under the LINKS tab.

Forest of the Mist: Awakening

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ALEX McGUIRE never dreamed his life would take such a turn. His plan to complete college, become a lawyer, and marry his girlfriend, LILY LAVERY, tanked following his kidnapping to the alternate realm known as Paradise Valley. Now Alex has been ordered by a dead man, DAVID KYLE, to marry his young wife, JENNIFER BURKE KYLE, and raise their infant son, DAVY KYLE, as his own. That would be a great plan if it weren’t for the fact that Jennifer is still in a coma, has never met him, and her son has some strange attributes too.
JENNIFER BURKE KYLE woke from the coma to the realization that she was a widow and the mother of a young son who could read minds, create portals to an alternate realm, and have unforeseen growth spurts when he is in or near Paradise Valley. As if that wasn’t enough, a complete stranger has stated he is to marry her and raise her son as his own. All on the order of her dead husband, David.
DAVY KYLE was tickled pink that Alex McGuire would be his Dad and couldn’t wait for his mother to wake from the coma so the wedding could take place. What Davy didn’t see, was the trouble in the form of PRI, otherwise known as the Percival Research Institute. PRI agents were after his family and it was going to be up to Davy to hide them all until it was safe.
Together, Alex, Jennifer, Davy, and their friends from Paradise Valley, must join together to keep the family safe, destroy PRI, and protect the still comatose Colin O’Brien, the last member of their Paradise Valley family. With the help of student nurse, DEANA COOK, they may just succeed in their plan and find happiness along the way.

Sasha Bishop: Shifter

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Sasha Bishop is the Slayer. With her Halfling and Vampire allies by her side, she had fought and won a vampire war. Now some of her classmates are missing. When they resurface as vampires; they accuse Sasha as being their Sire.
The trouble begins when Sasha’s 168-year old, vampire boyfriend, Hutch, sides with the newborns. It takes the war to a whole new level.
Angry and hurt, Sasha finds comfort with handsome vampire, Rhydian McDavid, who has an alarming connection to her Slayer past. Now, she must pair up with some unlikely allies to stop a vampire massacre at the Prom, all while being crowned the Prom Queen.

The battle doesn’t stop there. The Vamps of Craig’s Creek are back with a vengeance and plan on making Graduation a buffet. A storm, tornado, and some surprising revelations, guarantee Sasha’s life will never be the same.


Forest of the Mist: Guardians, book three in the Forest of the Mist series.

Sasha Bishop: The Return, book three in the Sasha Bishop series.

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Book one - Hutch
Book two - Rhydian and Molly
Book three - Blake

The Last Girlfriend

Hollywood Obsession

Levy Jupiter Kincaid series:
Book one - Racecar Driver
Book two - Astronaut
Book three - Rock Star

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