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Character Interview with Tammy from Head Over Feet in Love

Today we welcome Tammy, best friend to the main character of Patti F. Smith's debut novel with Soul Mate Publishing, Head Over Feet in Love. Tammy's interview actually takes place three months prior to the story so no spoilers!

CJ: Thanks for talking with us Tammy. Rumor has it you got cut from the actual book.

TM: Let’s don’t go there.

CJ: Agreed! So, where are you from?

TM: Detroit. Not the suburbs—the city. I hate when people from Troy or Dearborn or Wayne or something say they’re from Detroit. They’re not. I grew up on the northwest side and went to Cass Tech.

CJ: And you met Becca at University of Michigan?
TM (rolls eyes): Omigod, this was the best. I’m in line for registration—you know, the days before computers, kids! And this little white girl is there clutching—and I mean clutching—this bright purple backpack. She hung onto it like it was a security blanket. She looked kinda pitiful.

CJ: She was probably scared.
TM: Oh sure, I was too. I mean, I’d never really been out of Detroit and definitely never to Ann Arbor except for when I went on a campus tour. Anyway so I go up to her and ask her name and she says—no lie—“I’m Becca from Ann Arbor.” Well, yeah, everyone’s from Ann Arbor now, right? She says something like “it’s the best city on earth.” I didn’t mean to but I started to laugh. I just couldn’t help it. I mean, seriously? Has she not heard of Paris, Cairo, London, Sydney….? Then I saw the look she gave me and I laughed even more. I felt horrible but I couldn’t stop. I knew I had to say something so I said we should be roommates. That girl lit up like a Christmas tree. I’ve loved her ever since.

CJ: Tell me about college.
TM: I had a full ride so I had to study but it was easy. Becca and I were both pre-law so we had most of our classes together. It turns out that she liked to join different campus activities—I think ‘cuz she’s kind of shy and it gave her a way to meet people. I went with her to a few. Then I joined the Black Student Union and wouldn’t you know, she came right with me. She said her high school—she went to Allen…there’s two, Allen High and Rumsey High after the founders—was really segregated and she had never really known a black person before. I had never known a Jewish person before so we were even.

CJ: So Becca got woke, as they say now?
TM (laughs): Oh yeah. She was right out there marching and screaming with us. Then we rushed a sorority our sophomore year just to see if they’d take us—and they did! A bunch of rich white girls and us. She tried to get her best friend Ricky to join but that didn’t quite pan out.

CJ: What about after college?
TM: We went to UM law school and lived together for part of the time, before I moved in with my one boyfriend. Huge mistake on my part but Becca and Ricky were right there for me after I kicked his ass to the curb.

CJ: And you’ve been a lawyer ever since?
TM: I have. Let me tell you—and don’t tell Becca I said this—but her flunking the Bar Exam was one of the worst things for both of us. I don’t mean to make it about me, because it isn’t, but I was so worried about her. Me and Ricky both. We took turns being with her to make sure she didn’t…that nothing happened.

CJ: Did it?
TM: (takes a deep breath): Bec wasn’t really medicated back then. People…didn’t understand as much and she thought she was just crazy and—let me back up. I said Bec was the first Jewish person I met, right? Well, she was the first person with bipolar that I met. I didn’t even really know what it was except when that song Lithium came out and people said it was a drug for this manic-depression thing. During our junior year of college…Becca just left one day. She had an issue in the sorority—this girl blackballed her and kept her from being an officer—and she just took off. I had no idea where she was, Ricky couldn’t find her, her parents didn’t know…Bec was just gone for like a week. This was before cell phones, remember. I mean, some of the rich girls had them but I sure didn’t. Then Becca just waltzed back into our Political Classics class on Monday morning like nothing had happened. Girl, I about wore her out. (Long pause). Then her mom called me and told me that Becca has done this before. When things get to be too much she just sort of takes off and tries to run away but this is her home and she always comes back. (Long pause). I really worry that one day something will happen that will make her leave for good.

Meet Becca, Tammy, Rick and more here!  

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Book Feature: Wildfire and Roses by Hope Malory

Today I have Hope Malory on Carly's View. Hope's debut release is Wildfire and Roses from Soul Mate Publishing. It is available in e-book from Amazon. Hope  is a life-long reader and sucker for happily ever after. Now retired after a career in education, a dream of writing fiction led her to write romance novels. She traded in a commute, traffic, and early mornings for inventing strong-willed characters and putting them in unpredictable situations. Now whether relaxing on the beach, traveling with her husband, or spending time at home near Nashville, Tennessee, she is busy making notes for her next novel. Hope is a member of Romance Writers of America and Music City Romance Writers. 

Blurb for Wildfire and Roses: 

Sparks fly when tenacious mountain climber and hiker Beasley McLemore meets hot smokejumper Will Gregor on a search and rescue mission in Yosemite. Getting together, however, isn’t easy. Strong-willed Beasley is bent on building a thriving landscaping business back home in the foothills of the majestic Smoky Mountains. Busy working 24/7, she has no time or energy for a man in her life...she thinks.

Scorched by love in his past, Will is content to live near awe-inspiring Lake Tahoe where he saves lives and forests as a remote wildland firefighter. He doesn’t need a committed relationship complicating his dangerous lifestyle...he thinks.

Through life-changing events and a family mystery, each must question long held beliefs about work, love, and life. Looming over their blossoming love affair is the 2,400 miles separating their homes and livelihoods. Will love keep them together or distance tear them apart?

Excerpt from Wildfire and Roses:

An opening in the trees revealed thickets growing beside a creek with green algae coating the rocks. The afternoon heat working in tandem with the heavy downpour gave way to sweltering humidity. She removed her rain and sweat-soaked shirt in favor of the cooler camisole underneath. Although she had packed a light waterproof jacket, the storm came without warning. The almost horizontal, wind-driven rain swept the ridge, plastering her hair to her head. Drenched, their clothes clung to their bodies. It was impossible not to notice Will’s ripped torso underneath his wet shirt. Stop looking at his body. She observed his stolen glance at her assets when she took off the outer layer. To rid her mind of those thoughts, she shook her head and turned her attention back to the task. She agonized about the frightened little boy, knowing the first twenty-four hours were the most critical. Would he survive the night if they didn’t locate him soon? A sense of unease gnawed at her.

At the same moment she turned toward Ranger Walsh to ask what they would do if they didn’t find him before dark, thunder roared through the forest making her words inaudible. The crunch of twigs and leaves beneath their feet turned into splashes as the rain persisted. They slogged through ankle-deep mud, around jutting rocks, and over blown-down trunks and branches. The wind whipped, and the downpour continued, slowing their progress.

The trail narrowed with sharp drop-offs on the left side. Walking in a single line, Ranger Walsh led, Will followed him, and she took the rear position. In a fraction of a second, she recognized what was happening ahead. Seized by fear, she cried out as Will stepped in a pool of mud, lost his footing, and tumbled down the side of a cliff.

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