January 1    Cover Wars contest. Forest of the Mist: Travelers
January 5    Character Interview with Blake Hutcherson of Sasha Bishop: Final Countdown, by: Carly                    Jordynn
January 8    Winner of Cover Wars contest announced. Forest of the Mist: Travelers by: Carly                                Jordynn, won!
January 15   Book review of Chasing the Painted Skies, by: Ryan Jo Summers
January 25   Author Interview with Maggie Mundy
February 5   RJ Frankenhouser - book feature of Return to Ruby's Ranch
February 15 Guest Blog with Jessie Salisbury
February 25 Author C.D. Hersh
March 5      
March 15     Peyton Garver Book Review
March 19     Cover Wars contest Sasha Bishop: Retired Slayer
March 25     Author Rachel Sharpe
April 5         Author interview with Stacy Keywell
April 12       Carly's Birthday
April 15       Abby Reed
April 25       Author Claire Gem
May 5          Linda O'Connor series feature
May 15        Book Review Jane Ederlyn
May 25        Christine Hart - character interview
June 5          Tina Susedik
June 15        Joanne Guidoccio
June 25        Angela Archer
July 5
July 15        Book review Madelyn Hill
July 25        Lauri Sellers author interview
July 26-30   RWA Conference in Orlando, FL
August 5      Carly on Carly's View
August 15    Susan James Berger
August 25    Carly on Carly's View
Sept 5        
Sept 15        Book review
Sept 25        Rhonda Frankhouser character interview
Oct 5            Sophie Darling
Oct 15
Oct 25
Nov 5          Carly Jordynn
Nov 15        Book review
Nov 25
Dec 5           Beth Carter, guest blog
Dec 15         Book Review: Christine Hart
Dec 25        Carly Jordynn

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