Friday, July 15, 2016

The Upcoming Schedule

Hey Guys,  It's actually Carly on my own blog! My regularly scheduled blog is running a couple of days behind so I thought I would post the schedule of upcoming blogs you can look forward to.

There are a lot of wonderful authors to be featured so I hope you'll take the time to check them out.

July 17th     Samanthya Wyatt will have a book feature of her newest release coming out on July 20th.

July 25th     Christina Kirby will join me and blog about WHY ROMANCE? She will introduce you to some of her favorite couples. They were a lot of my favorites too :)

August 5th         Is currently open

August 15th      I will review Mandi Benet's book, TO ROME WITH LOVE

August 25th      I will review Roni Hall's book, MONTANA WILD.

September 5th         Is currently open 

September 15th      Joanne Guidoccio will join me. 

September 25th      I will review Amy Deason's  book, ANGEL IN THE SHADOWS

October 5th             I will review Anne B. Cole's book, SOUL's ESTRANGED

October 15th          Tracey Wood will join me.

October 25th         Nancy Fraser will join me to feature her newest release.

November 5th       Kate O'Boyle will join me.

November 15th     I will review Rachel Sharpe's third book in her series.

November 25th    Is currently open, although I will be shopping!

December 5th      Debut author, Abby Reed will join me.

December 15th   Erin Bevan will join me.

December 25th   Is currently open

As a side note, I will not take on anymore book reviews for the year. Starting in 2017, I will only do one review every other month. Book reviews will be available in January, March, May, July, September, and November on the 15th of those months. First come first served. Spots open for six authors.

Also, I only have four spots left for the year. If anyone is interested in those dates for something other than a book review, contact me at

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