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Character Interview with Kelly O'Brien of Carly Jordynn's Forest of the Mist: Guardians

Thank you for joining us today, Kelly. I understand you have quite an adventure in this final book of the Forest of the Mist series. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
          You’ve probably heard of my parents, Connor and Lily O’Brien. They starred in the first book of the Forest of the Mist series. They fell in love in an alternate reality and married. When they returned to reality, Mom found out she was pregnant with me.

I did hear something about that, but I didn’t think you would be this old now. You’re what? Sixteen or so?
          That’s my age now. Up until a few weeks ago, I was five.

Excuse me, did you say five? How is that even possible?
          Ever hear of Davy McGuire?

Oh yes, that does explain a lot. What did Davy do to you and how did your parents react?
          Davy took me through the portal paths to Paradise Valley where he “asked” the alternate realm to age me. He knew I was to be his co-ruler and wife. He didn’t want to wait for me to grow up, so accelerated growth. As for my parents, let’s say they were less than thrilled with our decision.

So you had a say in all this?
          Oh yes, at my say Davy would have made me five again and waited for me to grow up.

I take it you didn’t want to do that?
          No, not really. The sad part was leaving Liam, Davy’s half-brother behind. We are the same age, at least we used to be. I told him he had to marry me someday never dreaming that I would end up with Davy.

I bet that was hard on Liam, but he’s young. I’m sure there are plenty of girls he will date as he grows up. So, do you go to school now that you are sixteen?
          Yes, Davy and I both attend school for now. Basically we are trying to keep my parents happy so they won’t pop a vein when they find out mine and Davy’s secret.

Oh, I love secrets. What is it?
          It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you!

Okay, good point. Anything you can share with us?
          I’m in a rock band at school. Apparently, I have some great pipes.

What about this final book in the series? Can you tell us anything about it?
          Mine and Davy’s secret will be revealed in a big way. There will be resolution for  Mom and Dad, Jennifer and Alex, and Deana and Colin. There will be kids coming out of the woodwork. You will get to meet my band mates, and you will hear from Jeremiah and David in Paradise Valley.

Are you happy with your decision, Kelly?
You mean to remain sixteen and not go back to Kindergarten? You bet, I get to wear the clothes and make up I want. I don’t have to watch other kids eat paste. I can sing more than just the alphabet song, and most of all I get to spend my time with the love of my life, Davy McGuire.

Awww, that sounds wonderful. I’m really happy for you two love birds. Are you sure you can’t give me a hint or two about your secret?
          Positive, you’ll have to read the book. It’s tentatively scheduled to release on December 5th with Soul Mate Publishing. Just in time for Christmas!

Thanks for the interview Kelly. I look forward to hearing more of your adventure.


Davy Kyle is in a ton of trouble. That's really nothing new for Davy as he has been in trouble his whole life. Davy was born in the alternate realm, Paradise Valley. As a result, he has some freakish powers such as rapid growth in body and intelligence, the ability to create portals to transport to the alternate realms, and the ability to know what others are thinking. During his last adventure, Davy learned he would one day have a co-ruler in the realms and her name would be Kelly. Through a bit of impromptu eaves dropping, he learned that his friends from Paradise Valley, Connor and Lily O'Brien would name their young daughter, Kelly. Shocked at this coincidence, Davy sets out to determine how Kelly will arrive in Paradise since you have to be in a coma to enter the alternate worlds. What Davy does to ensure Kelly's arrival is sooner rather than later, will test the ties of his family and friends in reality and may cost him the love of his life. 

Excerpt from Forest of the Mist: Guardians:

“You have a lot of years ahead. I suggest you have Amanda be your first girlfriend since she is already here.” Colin looked around, “Speaking of, where is she? In the Dark Land?”

David didn’t answer for a moment.

Davy stared at his father waiting for him to answer. When none was forthcoming, he put his hand to his head, closed his eyes, and scanned the alternates for her. There was no sense of her. He scanned again, concentrating harder and still got nothing. His eyes popped open. “Dad? Amanda’s not here. Did she return?”

Again David sat in silence.

Davy stood shakily and walked out the door with Colin and David close on his heels. “Manda?” he called.

He didn’t get a response. He grabbed David’s shirt. “Where is she? I’m not getting a reading on her presence here or in reality. It’s like an echo of her, but not fully her.”

“Davy, please take it easy,” David begged. “You look like you’re about to pass out.”

“No, I have to find her. Something isn’t right.”

Davy grabbed his dad’s arm. “You have to help me find her. She’s the only friend I’ve got right now.” His breathing became shallow and rapid.

Colin came alongside him to help David steady him. “What’s wrong with him, David?”

“He’s over-extended himself. He has powers that Jeremiah and I cannot even begin to comprehend. He’s used them too much. That’s what Jeremiah was talking about before. He has to stop or he will harm himself permanently.”

“Where. Is. Amanda?” Davy bit out between breaths.

“She’s gone, Davy. She passed on,” David said brokenly.

“No she’s not. I feel her echo. She’s still here in the world.” He jerked away from David and Colin. He once again put his finger to his temple and concentrated. He spun around the meadow until he locked on a location. “London. She’s in London.” He began to breathe easier at that revelation. “She’s okay.”

“Son,” David began. “Concentrate on Kelly. Where is she?”

Davy did as he was told. He repeated the process and locked on a different location. “She’s home, in Texas.”

“Does she sound like an echo to you?” David asked.

Davy frowned. “No, her heart is strong. She is well.”

“But, all you hear of Amanda is an echo of her?” David asked.

“Yes, that’s strange,” Davy muttered.

“Not if she’s dead,” David replied gently.

“The echo . . .” Davy trailed off. “What’s going on, Dad? What do you know?”

“Amanda was an organ donor, Davy. Her heart lives on in another.”

“It’s in London. I heard it there. That’s where the echo is.” He went very pale as realization dawned. “Alex. He has Amanda’s heart?”


With that, Davy collapsed into darkness.

Bio of Carly Jordynn:

Carly Jordynn is a writer of adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction. She loves to write stories that capture the imagination and hold a hint of fantasy, time travel, or paranormal elements. When Carly is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, shopping for shoes, reading, dinner with friends, etc... 

Carly has a degree from Thomas More College where she majored in Sociology/Criminal Justice. 

Carly is a member of the Romance Writer's of America.

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