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Author Interview with M. Kay Kleven

Carly's View welcomes writer M. Kay Kleven, author of Prentis Pride.  Kay lives near St. Paul, MN, where in addition to writing; she enjoys reading, movies, music, walks, and Christmas lights. She has two married sons, two grandsons, and two step-grandsons.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO BECOME A WRITER? After retiring from my day job and moving to another city, I found myself wondering what I could possibly do now. I began to take online writing courses and found that I enjoyed writing, so have continued to write romance novels, hoping that each one is better than the last one!

 WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE AUTHORS AND WHY? Carla Neggers – enjoy her contemporary romances. RaeAnne Thayne - she writes small town contemporary romances. Julie Klassen – have read all of her Regency romance books. She introduced me to the historical genre and I haven’t stopped reading them since. MK McClintock – have read most, if not all, of her romantic westerns and mysteries. Tamara Alexander – like her American historical romances. Caroline Fyffe – have read most of her western romances set in the old west. 

IF YOU COULD BE ANY CHARACTER IN ANY BOOK, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? Sometimes I feel as though I was meant to live during the 1800s, so probably one of the female protagonists in Tamara Alexander’s books.

DO YOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE? I’ve had hobbies in the past, but would consider writing my hobby now.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FIRST KISS. WAS IT MAGICAL OR NOT SO MAGICAL? Sorry to say it was so long ago, I can’t remember the kiss or if it was magical or not.

DO YOU HAVE ANOTHER CAREER BESIDES WRITING? IF SO, WHAT IS IT? I had a wonderful career in laboratory medicine and medical research before retiring and starting a second career in writing.

WHAT’S AN ITEM ON YOUR BUCKET LIST THAT YOU HAVEN’T DONE YET? I live in Minnesota and haven’t traveled much, so would like to travel to the East Coast and then to the West Coast.

TELL US THE BEST VACATION YOU HAVE EVER BEEN ON. It was to the Black Hills in South Dakota when my sons were small, and just watching the fun they had at every stop made it worth every penny.

WHERE DO YOU FIND THE INSPIRATION FOR YOUR BOOKS? The ideas, whether good or bad, have just come to me through that little voice in my head!

IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH YOUR FANS? That old clique “don’t ever give up.” It’s amazing what we learn over time. We’re not all natural writers. Hang in there!

Blurb from Prentis Pride:

Dr. Ella Prentis lives and works in Boston, but has inherited her parents’ run-down farm in Rose Creek, Iowa where she grew up. She’s torn between keeping a farm that’s been in the Prentis family for generations or selling it to a large developer who wants to come in and replace the farm with some rather expensive homes.

Nate Goodwin lives and works in Rose Creek, Iowa and comes highly recommended as a great contractor who could help Ella transform her parents’ farm into more of a business than a farm if she decides not to sell and hires Goodwin Construction to do the work.
Sparks fly the first time Ella and Nate see one another in McGuire’s Grill where her friend, Sally, confiscates one of his business cards for her. But, she lives in Boston and he lives in Rose Creek, Iowa. One thing leads to another . . . but will the distance between them cause the sparks to flicker out?!!

Prentis Pride is full of fun, a farm, and the future!

Excerpt from Prentis Pride:

“Well, Ella, you’re not going to believe this, but about an hour ago I was presented with an unprecedented offer for your parents’ farm. The money would make you a very rich woman,” Mr. Turner said into the phone from his law office in Rose Creek, Iowa.
“Who is it? And what do they want to do with the land?” Ella felt a knot form in the pit of her stomach. “It would probably be for the best, but I just can’t seem to let go of what has been in my family for generations.” Mom had died years ago and now her father was gone too, leaving the farm to her.
“It’s a large construction company located about an hour north of Rose Creek that wants to come in and develop the land into a new subdivision of rather expensive homes,” Mr. Turner explained. “It would be good for Rose Creek’s economy, but it’s your choice, Ella. The plans you emailed me for the farm would be good for Rose Creek too.”
“Actually, I’m flying into Rose Creek tomorrow morning with a young boy who’s been a patient of mine here in Boston. He was in foster care but ran away when he got sick and they started treating him badly. My cousin Beth and her husband, Jake, have agreed to take him in until something more permanent can be found for him. I’ll be flying back to Boston midafternoon.”
“Would you have time to stop by my office before you leave? I’d like to show you the offer. They’d like an answer in the next week or so.”
“I’ll drop Billy off with Beth, then make my way to your office. It would probably be around one o’clock.”
“Sounds good. See you tomorrow, then.”

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