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Introducing Scarlett Ellis, from THE DAWNING OF SCARLETT

Today, on Carly's View, we will learn about Jennifer Osborn, author of THE DAWNING OF SCARLETT. Jennifer and I met in college and it's cool that we both became writers. She's had much success with her other books. Now, she is introducing us to Scarlett Ellis, a character from her latest book. My interview with Scarlett is below.

Carly:   How has it been for you being in a human world?

SCARLETT:   Considering my adoptive father was human, it’s really all I’ve known, but I’ll admit that I’ve felt a little on the fringe every time I have to ingest blood. 

Really, it’s the revenant world that seems odd.  They have so many rules and laws that don’t make sense.   I’m not sure I’ll ever fit there.  But I’m trying.

Carly:   When did you first realize you were different that your human father?

SCARLETT:   Oh, that is such a good question.  I suppose I was about three and my father had given me a dose of blood and I wanted to share it with him and he refused.   When I tried to push the issue as most kids do, he told me he didn’t need it and that I did because I was a vampire.    He tried to explain that Chasem was like me, but I was still pretty sad that I was different than my father. 

Carly:   Did you ever bite him?

SCARLETT:   * laughing * I did! He said when I was a baby I did it all the time if he didn’t get a bottle of blood in my mouth quick enough.  When I realized that biting him was harmful to him, I stopped.   

Carly:   Your Uncle Chasem is pretty scary.

SCARLETT:   Is that a question?  Well, he really isn’t, he just gives off that vibe.  It’s probably all the years of being an ascended revenant warrior.   He doesn’t laugh much, but when he does, wow, it’s a great thing because if fills up the room.  He really is a good guy and I’m proud he is my uncle.  He was the link I needed to help me know about my mother and what it is to be a revenant.  I’d like to see him find happiness with someone someday.

Carly:   So what would you like others to know about being a revenant and how all other myths about vampires are far off the base?

SCARLETT:   Well first off, if I bite you, I won’t turn you into a revenant.  It just won’t happen.  I need to eat food, but blood is essential to my diet.  It can be any type of animal blood.   Second, there are a faction of my kind called pale revenants that believe that human life is valuable, so we don’t even hurt humans. 

Another thing, we look just like you guys do.  There are only certain times our fangs drop, so most times we don’t look anything more than a mere human.

Carly:   Will you ever consider having human helots? 

SCARLETT:   No.  I don’t want them.  I know it is the norm for a lot in the revenant community, but that doesn’t mean I do.   It seems odd to have people who are sword to you for life.    Ugh.  I would hate that.

Carly:   Does it bother you that Chasem has helots and that one of them is your boyfriend?

SCARLETT:   Don’t even get me started on that one.  I’m so angry about it.   Nick didn’t need to do that but felt some sort of weird loyalty to me to do it. 

Carly:   Then why didn’t he swear himself to you?

SCARLETT:   Probably because he knows I would have had a fit if he had even suggested it.

Carly:   I have to say, your fighting skills are quiet impressive. 

SCARLETT:   Thank you.  I’ve worked long and hard to be able to defend myself if the need should ever arise. 

Carly:   Well, this is the end of our quick interview, is there anything else you’d like anyone to know before we conclude?

SCARLETT:   Not really.  I think that people shouldn’t be afraid of pale revenants.  We want the same things you do, to live, love, be happy, and to not harm anyone. 

Carly:  Thanks again for your time.  Much appreciated.

SCARLETT:   * smiles * You’re welcome!

Are you intrigued? Want to learn some more? Read the blurb from THE DAWNING OF SCARLETT:

As a pale revenant—the vampire faction believing all life is sacred—sixteen-year-old Scarlett Ellis has learned to hide in the human world.  She goes to night-school, works at a coffee shop, and her uncle Chasem trains her in martial arts. No matter what, she has to be prepared, because when she turns seventeen, she’ll be of Dawning age—and her biological father Apollo vows to see her dead first.

Expecting her Dawning to be impossible, she accepts the fact that she will become a rogue, forever hunted by revenant renegades and outcast by her own people. Scarlett thinks she’s prepared for this—until the curly-haired Nicholas Lightener walks into her life and asks her out on a date.

Torn between her feelings for Nick and the danger of the revenant world, Scarlett’s strange life is turned inside-out when she’s kidnapped and forced to do the one thing she swore she’d never do. Plus, she has no idea whose memories keep appearing in her dreams, or if they can even help her. Determined to free herself from a death sentence, Scarlett must fight to become who she was born to be.

Read an excerpt from THE DAWNING OF SCARLETT:

He moves so fast it’s almost a blur. I force myself to quit thinking, quit reacting to every action and strike, but I do succeed in keeping him from hitting my body. After a few minutes of the blistering attack, I find my strength flagging. I become slower, and Chasem takes advantage of it, hitting me hard on the shoulder, and I drop one of my Kali sticks. Chasem drops both of his and reaches out, lifting me by the neck toward the wall, pinning me hard against it.

"Never, ever give up! Do you hear me? Never!" he screams, his hot breath on my face. I squirm and struggle to get free of his grip but find I'm stuck.

His gaze is fierce, his lip curled up in a snarl. "Fight!" he screams again, but it's as if I can't convince myself that I can get free. My visions starts to darken from the lack of oxygen, and Chasem releases me. I collapse in a puddle, heaving hard and coughing, trying to suck air into my lungs though my burning throat.

I see Chasem pace for a few moments with his hands on his hips, like he doesn't know what to do. All around him, the mirrors tremble slightly, as if they’ll shatter at any moment. Chasem reaches for his water, takes a quick drink, then hurls the bottle toward the wall. I've never seen him like this. He’s usually so contained—tough, but contained. Now, he seems like a caged lion.

He turns towards me and leans down. "You can't be like this, Scar. You can't. You have to keep fighting, no matter what. Do you understand? It will be a matter of life or death. Never surrender, do you understand?"

Sounds like a great book to me. Want to learn more about Jennifer Osborn?


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Bio of Jennifer Osborn:

After working in the legal and technical fields for many years, Jennifer Osborn took the plunge into full time writing in 2015. She is the award-winning author of The Shilund Saga and The Sentinel’s Insurgency.  When not writing, she listens to a different muse and creates paintings and collages of all sorts.

She lives in the Cincinnati area with her husband, three dogs and two cats.
You can find out more about her at

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