Saturday, September 15, 2018

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Hi Everyone,

I'm once again on my own blog today. I have been so busy with the two books I have been working on that I actually forgot the blog that should have been published on Sept 5th. Sorry about that to everyone who follows.


Today was exciting as I signed the contract for the last book in the Sasha Bishop series. Estimated publication date is sometime in 2019. I am guessing around Spring or Summer depending on the publishing schedule. I am excited about this book because I literally rewrote parts of the ending three times! I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted for my characters. They have been a part of my  head since 2014. 

Part of my problems stemmed from a new character, Blake. I wanted to write him as evil and rotten, but then another side of Blake emerged during the writing that changed the whole course of the book, not to mention the main characters life. If you want to learn more about Blake, there is a character interview I did with him a few months ago on the blog. Look it up and check him out. He's a hotty! 

I have also been working on the final edits for the last book in the Forest of the Mist series. I finished the first round of edits and am waiting for the second round. We are still on target for a December 5th release date.

Blurb for Sasha Bishop: The Return

Sasha Bishop is the Slayer who is married to 168 year old vampire hotty, Andrew "Hutch" Hutcherson. Together they have battled his father, his psycho ex-girlfriend, and high school. Nothing could have prepared Sasha for her next mission in life...motherhood! 

Now a freshman in college, Sasha prepares for the birth of her daughter, the final battle with the vamps of Craig's Creek, and the search for missing vampire friend, Marybeth. . Her plans take a nose dive when evil vampire Blake Hutcherson, half-brother of Hutch, arrives in Craig's Creek with a hidden agenda. He wants his half-brother dead so he can have Sasha and her daughter for himself. 

Sasha makes plans to destroy the vamps from Craig's Creek once and for all. She forms a wary alliance with Blake much to the annoyance of Hutch, to discover the truth. Is it Blake or Preston Perry Beacom, III, behind the sudden vamp infestation? To learn the truth and protect her loved ones, Sasha strikes a bargain with Blake that could save them all or destroy her family forever.


I am still using Plexus and am still pleased with the results. It's been a little over a month since I began. I am down 9 pounds. Truthfully, I could probably be down more if I ate better and exercised. My stomach issues are being held at bay. I feel better, am more alert, and feel overall healthier.

I am hoping to get in a couple of book signings before the end of the year, but if I don't, there will definitely be some next year. Hope to meet you at one.

That's all for now. Keep an eye on here and on my social media for more updates on book related news.


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