Friday, March 16, 2018

Author Interview with Jeri Bronson

Carly's View welcomes writer Jeri Bronson, author of SEEKING PERFECT. Jeri is a native Californian that found her storytelling voice while walking home from elementary school. Long walks with a hyper imagination led to all sorts of wild ideas. Her debut novel, Wildflower, finally came to fruition after she was laid off from her full time job as Human Resources Manager.

She now works part time as a substitute High School teacher, which is a constant source of fabulous material. She lives in Orange County, California with her husband of 28 years, her teenage son, their dog Sam, and cats Sparky and Lilly, the whole time missing her daughter who’s away at college. Jeri does her best writing still while walking, but now Sam goes as well.

When not writing she is an avid reader, of course. She also is an equally avid tennis fan and can be found watching the Tennis Channel most nights. Definitely, do not bother her during Grand Slam tournaments. She is currently working on several Romantic Suspense novels, plus another Young Adult book is brewing. Stay tuned - she’s just getting started.


What made you decide to become a writer
Not to sound cliché, but I had this story in me and it wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. I don't know if I actually set out to be or writer or just to stop the voices.

Who are some of your favorite authors and why?
I think, like most women, I love Jane Austen because she wrote about topics that weren't to be discussed in her time. Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite. I also love Stephen King. He can tell a story so powerfully scary and make you think all at the same time. He makes you feel like you are right there in his books. Amazing!

If you could be any character in any book, who would it be and why? 
Hmm…I guess it would be Eve Dallas from JD Robb's books because she had such a hard sad life growing up, but yet she is tough, honest and finds justice people. She also learned to love and is vulnerable.

Do you have any hobbies you would like to share? 
I don't know if it’s a hobby or obsession, but I love tennis. I'm like a guy with football stats. I check scores and rankings all the time because there is always a match on somewhere in the world. I go to a tournament every year in Indian Wells. I even have a picture with my favorite player. Tennis is a game of strategy and strength and its all on the player to make it happen.

Tell me about your first kiss? Was it magical or not so magical? 
Haha! Definitely, not so magical. I had no idea what was happening until it was happening.

Do you have another career besides writing? If so, what is it?
Yes, I work part time as a Substitute High School teacher. I get the best stuff from the kids.

What’s an item on your bucket list that you haven’t done yet? 
Stay in a haunted Castle. Definitely, on top of my list.

Tell us the best vacation you have ever been on.
A couple of years ago our whole family (21 of us) went on a cruise to Alaska. Great memories and so much fun!

Where do you find the inspiration for your books? 
Walking primarily, when I go for my walks my brain just starts firing off with all of these ideas.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans? 
I'm a big history buff. I especially like the obscure stuff that doesn't make it to the books. I watch a lot of history channel just for that reason. I also love fairies I hope to one day encounter one!


Jesse learned early not to trust a soul, but what if he was her soulmate?

Senior year of high school should be about friendship, boyfriends and graduation, but for seventeen-year-old, Jesse Barnes, it’s about escaping the shame of life with an alcoholic mother.

Jesse’s goals are clear, keep a roof over her head, avoid the revolving door of leering men her mother brings home, graduate from high school, and do everything possible to keep her home life secret. Friends, boyfriends, not an option. Who would understand?

Then, perfect, popular Derek Aames, sits with Jesse at lunch. How can she discourage him? How can she keep him from intruding on her life and discovering her secret? And most of all how can she keep him out of her heart?

Will his persistence finally break down her walls, or just break her?


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