Wednesday, January 4, 2017

CHARACTER INTERVIEW with Blake Hutcherson of Sasha Bishop: Final Countdown, by Carly Jordynn

Today we welcome Blake Hutcherson, a character in the upcoming Sasha Bishop: Final Countdown, by author Carly Jordynn.  Blake's character is based off a friend of mine who is one the most charming, handsome young men I have ever met. I remember when he was born and have watched him grow into the man he is today.  Thank you Blake Kennedy for being the inspiration for Blake Hutcherson. 

BH:  Trust me, the pleasure is all mine.

CJ:   So Blake, tell us about yourself. Rumor has it you’re related to a prominent character in the Sasha series.

BH:  I actually am Hutch’s half brother. My mother was Izzy, Hutch’s girlfriend from before the Civil War. My father was Mayor William Hutcherson, Hutch’s dad.

CJ:    That seems a little twisted.

BH:   I know, right? Izzy was pissed when Hutch went off to fight in the war instead of marrying her. She asked William to get her pregnant while she was still human. Her plan was to pass me off as Hutch’s child. When Hutch returned from the war and got with Camilla, she asked William to change her while she was still pregnant with me.

CJ:    I bet that had some bizarre side effects.

BH:   You know it. Once you become a vampire, you quit aging. I would have remained a baby forever if I was born a full vampire. Fortunately, I was born as a Halfling. When I turned eighteen, I made the decision to become a full vampire. Mom did the honors and here I am.

CJ:    I heard from Sasha that you inherited a rather special trait from your mother.

BH:   Mom was a shape-shifter. I did inherit that ability with a slight difference. Mom had to have something that belonged to the person she was changing into. I don’t have to. I can shift into any person or animal, as long as it had a heart beat at one time.

CJ:    Wow, that’s impressive. I bet you were a hoot at parties.

BH:   Let’s get something straight, I was never a hoot. I never did anything for fun unless it was torture or benefited me. I love terrifying people and derive great pleasure from their distress.

CJ:     Um, great, moving right along, you lived in London for a number of years. What did you do there? Did you have a career?

BH:    Why would I have a career? I take whatever I want when I want it. When I’m hungry, I drain somebody. Sometimes I change them and other times, I let them die. When I want entertainment, I shift into the person you love. I could be your parent, spouse, friend, or nightmare. It depends on my mood.

CJ:      Why did you come back here to Villa Mirage?

BH:      Did you not hear the news? Sasha killed my mother and Hutch killed our father. Granted, there was no love lost between us, I got out of that freak-show family as quickly as I could. However, I cannot allow their deaths to go unadvenged.

CJ:      What do you plan on doing?

BH:     I’ve already started. My brother doesn’t trust me. He never will. Sasha, however, is different. She is used to being around vampires without being one herself. The human side of her wants to believe I am redeemed.

CJ:      Are you?

BH:    Hardly. Well, maybe a little. The Slayer has had some impact on me I have to admit. My purpose was to kill her outright and make Hutch live with the knowledge that I did it. That was to be my revenge, but Sasha is pregnant. I can’t kill her while she carries my niece. She will be the Slayer someday too.

CJ:     So you’re going to let Sasha live?

BH:    At least until my niece is born and can survive without her mother. After that, I will probably kill Sasha and Hutch. I could then raise my niece and turn her when she comes of age. She’s already going to be the strongest Slayer ever born, imagine what kind of vampire she would be with Slayer blood. Invincible.

CJ:    So the rumored friendship between you and Sasha is really just an act to gain her trust?

BH:   A few months ago, my answer would have been yes. Now, I’m not sure. I like talking to her. She fears me, but refuses to submit to those fears. She’s probably the bravest person I have ever met. My brother, on the other-hand, is totally useless. He doesn’t deserve her or their daughter. Maybe, I’ll do away with Hutch and claim Sasha and the baby as my own.

CJ:    Doesn’t Sasha have a say in that?

BH:   Trust me, she will not resist me. She will come to me willingly.

CJ:     You know Blake, maybe you shouldn’t be so cocky. Sasha has a few secrets up her sleeve that may surprise you.

BH:    Seriously? Name one.

CJ:      A Dreamer.

BH:    Wait, are you saying one of her allies is a Dreamer? Can they control the outcome of the dream?

CJ:      I guess you'll have to wait and see. I'll be interviewing the Dreamer at a later date. For now, our time is up.

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