Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Book Review: Souls Estranged by Anne B. Cole

Today, I am reviewing book two in Anne B. Cole's time travel series, Souls Estranged. This is the followup to book one in the series, Souls Entwined. While it is helpful to have read the first book and downright enjoyable, it is not necessary to read it prior to Souls Estranged.

Sam and Gretta are back from their time travel adventure from Souls Entwined. Sam remembers everything about their trip, but Gretta remembers very little. Upon their return, Gretta realizes those she loves, including Sam, will never be safe from the curse of her families ring. She runs off to protect everyone, but Sam vows to track her down and bring her back. Unbeknownst to Gretta, a serial killer has targeted her for his next victim. 

Anne B. Cole weaves a tale of suspense and romance. I love the relationship between Sam and Gretta. I like the mystery of the cursed ring and the suspense of the cabin in the woods. I thoroughly enjoyed the time travel aspect from the first book, but truly enjoyed Sam and Gretta staying in the present in this book. The book is riveting and promises to keep you up all night reading it. I am anxiously waiting for the third book in this wonderful series.

Want to know more about this series? Read on for a blurb from Souls Entwined and Souls Estranged:


When a cursed family heirloom sends Gretta Dobbs back in time, a hunky construction worker, Sam Daggett, suddenly finds himself love struck and joins her adventure. Their souls entwine within the bodies of young lovers on a Greek island in 1829, where they begin to unravel the mysteries behind Gretta’s ring all while avoiding a bloodthirsty pirate who is determined to seek revenge. Gretta and Sam must find the secrets needed to save her and her relatives from an afterlife in purgatory and return to their own lives—or risk becoming prisoners of the past, continuing the evil cycle of the ring’s curse.


Back from their adventures in Souls Entwined, Sam Daggett begins a new relationship with Gretta Dobbs, whose memories of their time traveling experience have been erased. Determined to never leave her again, Sam vows to help Gretta, despite the bad luck curse on her heirloom ring. Within hours of their return, tragedy strikes.

As Sam becomes the third victim of the bad luck curse, Gretta’s memories of her time spent in the past begin to return. Unable to remember more than snippets, she realizes that anyone close to her is in grave danger. In order to keep Sam and her family safe, she flees in the middle of the night.

Finding the perfect summer job in the back hills of Virginia, Gretta unknowingly crosses paths with a serial killer. With guidance from their ancestral spirits, Roxana and Katarina, Sam desperately attempts to find Gretta before the curse strikes again.





A lover of the outdoors, gardening, and camping (who recently found out she is allergic to bee stings and poison ivy), ANNE B. COLE perseveres in her passions.

With an Education degree from Penn State University, Anne began her teaching career in elementary schools. Living in Indiana with her husband of 23 years and three very active teens, she teaches preschool and writes Supernatural Suspense with a touch of Romance.

Anne began writing four years ago when she realized she didn't have a book to read during a very long swim meet. With over ten hours of sitting in the stands, she decided to make the best of it and flipped over the heat sheet. Ideas for characters and the story poured out and the outline of SOULS ENTWINED was born. Anne's writing hobby turned into an addiction!
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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AnneBCole
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/anne.brocole


  1. Wonderful review, Carly. I have read both of Anne's books as well. Highly recommend them both!

  2. Thanks, Carly for reviewing Souls Estranged. Edits on the final book of the Souls Trilogy, Souls Endure are complete with a release date on Amazon set for October 26, 2016.

    Thanks again!