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Welcome Guest Blogger, Christina Kirby

Carly's View welcomes Christina Kirby, author of A FACE IN THE CROWD. 

Christina Kirby holds a degree in Public Relations from Auburn University. She worked in banking for four and a half years before deciding to become a stay at home mom to her two sons. Moving every couple of years because of her husband’s job, Christina has had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and live in many different states, and fortunately writing is something she can take with her no matter where she lives. Christina is an avid reader of romance, young adult and anything having to do with pop culture. She also knows a copy of Entertainment Weekly and a chocolate chip cookie can cure anything.

 Why Romance? By: Christina Kirby

Despite the plethora of genres available to write in, I never considered anything other than romance. Why you ask? Because I love the promise of a happy ending, new love, the drama, the butterflies as I live vicariously through the characters. The real question is how did I get this way? When did I fall in love with love? To answer that I had to circle back to my childhood/teen years because hey, that’s where it always begins, isn’t it?

I believe it was the couples of several of the shows I used to watch whose chemistry was so perfect on screen it left me begging for more each week. The longing looks, the held breath as they finally leaned in for their first (and perfect) kisses. There was nothing better and so now it’s my turn to hopefully write characters who will make someone else’s heart flutter.  

The Top 5 Television Couples Who Shaped My Career (Way Before I Had One)

1. Liz and Max – Roswell – I still go back and watch this show from time to time. Yep, I have the DVDs. Don’t judge.
2. Buffy and Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer – They were the most epic example of forbidden love since Romeo and Juliet.
3. Brenda and Dylan – 90210 – Teen drama portrayed by a bunch of people in their 20s and there was nothing better.
4. Dawson/Pacey/Joey – Dawson’s Creek – A love triangle done right.
5. Meredith and Derek – Grey’s Anatomy – The beginning of their relationship was so hot! Am I right? And he truly understood her like few others could. Okay, maybe Christina Yang, but she was her person.
Bonus Couple

6. Elena and Damon – The Vampire Diaries (Though I admit this one may have been a little after my teen years.)

Learn about Christina's newest release A FACE IN THE CROWD:

Alexis Hightower considers trust a four letter word, and she has no intention of getting serious with anyone. After all, her day job as a nurse is plenty serious enough. On one of her nights off, she attends a concert for her favorite band and ends up on stage. She never expected to meet the legendary singer in person or that he would be the one to make her question her way of life. But how do you learn to trust again when the one you want is desired by thousands?
Oliver Honeycutt has it all, success, fame, admirers, but when his family is faced with the unthinkable, none of it matters. Stranded in Atlanta, he meets Alexis who’s unlike any woman he’s known before. As his attraction grows, plans for the future change which leaves someone desperate to keep them apart. But Oliver won’t be easily discouraged. To have a future with Alexis he’ll do whatever it takes to make her see the man behind the image.

            Oliver made his way back to the mike and shouted, “Do you want some more, Atlanta?”
Lexie’s scream mixed with the other fan’s and echoed throughout the room as Oliver sang the band’s first number one. As he moved from one side of the stage to the other, Lexie danced, arms over her head, as she let go. In the chaos of the noise, the heat of the bodies moving as one, and the music, she didn’t have to think or feel. She could just be.
A hand reached out for her and Simone hit her arm, mouth open in shock. Lexie blinked once and raised her eyes to meet those of Oliver. Up close, he was even better looking than in the magazines. Her heart stopped or maybe it leaped from her chest. She wasn’t sure. As if controlled by a stranger she reached for his hand and allowed him, with the help of two security guards, to pull her up onto the stage.
With her stomach in her throat, she stood awkwardly while Oliver sang to her. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. Survival never pulled people up onto the stage. At least, they never had. But, there he was, positioned behind her, with his stomach pressed to her back. The heat of his skin and hers, melded together, so hot she feared their clothes would ignite.
Her eyes found Simone’s, who peeked out from behind her cell phone where she was recording what promised to be the best moment of Lexie’s life.
She dared a glance over her shoulder and feared she would faint when Oliver offered her a grin from behind the mike. Dear God he was hot. He pressed into her closer and placed a hand on her hip. Red, hot heat surged into her face. The move was definitely one she wouldn’t want her dad to see, but she was glad it was happening. As the song wound down, Oliver moved to stand beside her. Over his shoulder she saw his brother, Bailey, wailing on his blue Fender. The entire experience was surreal. His brother looked up and smiled, but something was wrong with his face.
She narrowed her eyes to get a better look, sure the lights were playing tricks on her. At the same time, he swiped a hand over his face and when he pulled it away, blood was smeared across his upper lip. He went back to playing, but his nose continued to bleed.
Her gaze refocused on Oliver. “Your brother,” she tried to explain over the music.
When he didn’t register what she was trying to say, she pointed.
Oliver’s head whipped around. For a brief moment, his eyes widened and then, as quickly as she’d seen it, the look was gone. Oliver finished the song and led her back to the edge of the stage where she was lowered back into the crowd. When she looked up, he met her gaze. The moment was brief, but she felt it. A moment of recognition between them. One that said he was sad it had to end. She wanted to reach for him, but she couldn’t. Instead, she stood frozen as fans around her pushed in and slapped her on the back. Oliver waved to his admirers and rushed off toward his brother.

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  1. Sounds like a great YA read! I remember being that girl watching the stage, and wishing my favorite singer would take a look, smile and notice I was alive.
    Thanks for bringing back memories.
    Tema Merback
    Writing as Belle Ami