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Today we welcome Cerian Hebert, author of THE STAYING KIND. 

At the age of twelve Cerian was going to be a great mystery/adventure writer with her friends and her as the main characters. The basis of  their adventures would take place in their rural neighborhood. As the years went by, adventures in the neighborhood gave way to an enduring interest in horses and boys. So, instead of writing about twelve year olds solving mysteries regarding old, empty houses and strange gusts of icy wind, she started writing about romance. And horses.

While growing up in New Hampshire, Cerian dreamed about becoming an Olympic horseback rider, the curator of the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History in Washington DC, a paleontologist, and a famous actress in Hollywood. While none of that worked out, she kept up the writing. While either mucking stalls at a New York horse farm, or taking reservations for cruises, she never stopped writing in her ever growing pile of notebooks.

Currently, Cerian lives in southwestern New Hampshire with her husband, two of their four children, one dog, one cat, and three geckos. Her mundane job keeps her busy working as a customer satisfaction rep, until she makes enough at her writing to retire from the glamorous life of data entry. 

Check out Cerian's newest release, THE STAYING KIND, from Soul Mate Publishing. Here's a little taste for you.

Rio Presley isn’t looking for a place to fit in when she finds a job at a stable in New Hampshire. Travis Lithgow isn’t expecting to discover a drifter taking up residence in his hunting cabin and working for his aunt. Just back from a tour in the Middle East, he’s rebuilding his relationship with his rebellious teenage daughter. He’s sure Rio’s presence in their lives won’t make things easier, but he admires Rio’s strength facing the adversities in her life.

     As Rio fights the urge to get back on the road before she becomes too comfortable with her newfound love of horses, her feelings for Travis become stronger than the need to flee. Both he and his aunt are offering Rio everything she’s ever been afraid to want, but staying could bring her past crashing into the happy life she’s begun to build.

Did that wet your whistle for more? Read on for an excerpt from THE STAYING KIND...

Rio didn’t dare look at him. She kept her attention pinned to the rain-washed road, as her mind worked quickly to find a way out of this predicament.
She’d tell him to drop her off at the store a few doors down from the cabins. The weight lifted slightly from her heart. Then he wouldn’t know or be able to prove anything. She’d make her escape. Hike to the cabin in the woods. He had his hands full at home, surely he wouldn’t bother to follow her tonight.
Unfortunately, when he pulled into the parking lot at Two Maples, he pinned her with a single glance. “Which one is yours?”
“Over there,” she replied, vaguely pointing in the direction that could’ve indicated three different buildings. “I need to run to the store so you can drop me here. Thanks for the ride.”
“I’ll drive you to the store,” he replied.
Rio fidgeted. She hadn’t expected this. She supposed she should’ve, but for a brief moment she’d been secure in her newly hatched plan.
His eyes seemed to penetrate right into her brain. He didn’t smile, but he didn’t appear angry either. Just questioning. Waiting.
Rio gripped the door handle with icy, shaky hands. “I, uh, have to grab my wallet and jacket. It’s okay, I’m fine. The store is right there.”
Travis’s regard held steady. “No, I’ll wait. I want to make sure you’re home safely.”
Rio chuckled in an attempt to cover her growing discomfort. “In this town? I’ll be fine. Really.”
“I insist.”
Damn. He had no plans to let her off the hook. Rio pushed the door open and stepped out into the cold, beating rain. Quickly she surveyed the cabins. Out of the three, two didn’t have a car parked in front of them. One was smaller, so she headed toward it, praying by some miracle the door would be unlocked. Of course her prayers wouldn’t be answered. The knob wouldn’t give, no matter how hard she jiggled it.
“Please go,” she muttered under her breath. She shoved her hand into her jeans pocket, pretending to fish for a key. Anything to buy her some time.
Through the thick downpour, she felt the weight of his stare on her back, waiting for her to fail. In despair she sagged against the door. Now what? Admit defeat and ask for help? Pretend she forgot her keys? Then she could tell him she had to go to the office to ask for another key, and he could leave. If he would leave.
When she turned to face him, a rush colder than the pounding rain spilled through her entire body.
Travis had rolled his window all the way down and he held up her backpack.
The one she’d left stuffed under the bed at his cabin in the woods.

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