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Today on Carly's View, I will be interviewing Barbara Davies aka Isabella of the Mediterranean Kingdom. Barbara was first introduced in Joanne Guidoccio's book, BETWEEN LAND AND SEA, released in 2013. Barbara is back in Joanne's newest book, THE COMING OF ARRABELLA.

Thank you for joining me Barbara. Tell us a little about your character.

For the first twenty-three years of my life, I was Isabella of the Mediterranean kingdom, granddaughter of Chief Elder Annabella. Each year, since turning eighteen, I was crowned Most Beautiful Mermaid—a tribute to my auburn tresses, mesmerizing green eyes, and magnificent tail. All that changed when I swam ashore one evening and met Andrew Bradley III. I fell madly in lust—I now know that wasn’t love—and gave up my tail for him. In a fit of rage, Annabella chopped off my hair, aged me thirty years, and gave me twenty extra pounds to carry. Andrew was horrified and abandoned me on the fog-drenched shores of southwest England, leaving with only a suitcase and a magic tablet.

What is your role?
I am the protagonist of Between Land and Sea and The Coming of Arabella, Books 1 and 2 of the Mediterranean trilogy.
In Between Land and Sea, the storyline revolves around my struggles to reinvent my human persona of Barbara Davies, a fifty-three-year-old woman who lived in her husband’s shadow. Thankfully, I have the magic tablet with online mermaid support. I don’t think I could have managed with the unimpressive résumé I was given—a Philosophy degree and a handful of volunteer positions and low-level jobs.
In The Coming of Arabella, I’m on the cusp of having everything I want in this human life. But fate intervenes in the form of Arabella, my perfect Bella sister, who is determined to wreak havoc in my career and relationships. She forces me to leave my well-constructed life and reinvent myself once more, this time in the desert paradise of Sedona.

You’ve done a wonderful job of reinventing yourself–career counselor, bestselling author, and corporate trainer. What’s next?

I hope to write more books and continue working as a corporate trainer at Eagle Vision. I’m truly blessed to have a career where I can help women, especially boomers, reinvent themselves.

Tell us about the four men in your life.

You too? It’s bad enough that all the mermaids and mermen in the Mediterranean Kingdom are continuously talking about my love life. But I guess it does bear some mention.

For one disastrous week, I thought that Andrew Bradley III would give me a fairy tale life. But all that changed when he saw me in my transformed state. I have forgiven him, but I will never forget the look of horror in his eyes.

I literally fell into Graham Scott’s life. As I was leaving the Carden Public Library, I tripped on a few stairs and Graham rushed to help me. Afterward, he invited me out for coffee, and our friendship blossomed.

When I visited my dear friend and ex-mermaid Gillian Sanderson at her condo in Chicago, she introduced me to Stewart Tobin. The attraction was instantaneous, and I found myself unable to speak. Stewart wooed me relentlessly. He even gave me a black BMW.

I fell in love (or lust, I’m still not sure) with David Ferguson when I heard him preach at Desertview Church in Arizona. That’s my latest relationship and...

It’s evolving in The Coming of Arabella.

Thank you for talking with us, Barbara.

Intrigued? Read on for a blurb from THE COMING OF ARRABELLA. . .

On the day of her engagement party, an ex-mermaid’s life is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of another mermaid—a sister she has never known. Under normal circumstances, Barbara Davies would be overjoyed, but her special day is already wrought with tension. Barbara has yet to reveal her mermaid origins to her fiancé. So, when Arabella, the gorgeous sister whose disturbing black eyes banished her to the island of Crete, saunters into her life, clutching the arm of Barbara’s discarded lover, a powder keg of emotion is released.
Relationships falter and careers stall as envy stirs in the hearts of the sisters. On the verge of meltdown, Barbara flees to Arizona hoping for a reprieve. There, she finds solace at a retreat for ex-mermaids and a second chance at love with a charismatic preacher. As she contemplates a new life in the desert paradise of Sedona, shocking secrets emerge and tragedy strikes.

Check out an excerpt from THE COMING OF ARRABELLA. . .

Arabella threw back her shoulders and gazed down at Barbara. With her heels, she was almost a head taller. “What I need is a relationship with you.”

“A relationship with me?” Barbara repeated. She had been prepared for almost any response but not that one.

“That’s right. BFFs, soul sisters, whatever you want to call those tight bonds these humans have.”
Barbara’s eyes widened. “Do you even know or understand the concept of BFF?”

“Of course, I do. A BFF is a best friend forever. You’re my twin sister. You can’t get any closer than that.”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Barbara said. “You can’t order up BFFs. Friends have the same value systems and look out for each other. I can’t imagine you doing that for me.”

“Or you doing that for me,” Arabella said. “Mama’s explained all the reasons you’ve been avoiding me, and I do understand the envy and bitterness.” She shuddered. “I can’t imagine losing everything like you did. I don’t know what I would do. But that’s neither here or there. I’m a part of your life, whether you like it or not. And I’m not going anywhere. So, you better start being nice to me.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Arabella smiled and tossed her hair. “Everyone in your circle likes me. How would it look if you ignored me?”


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In 2008, Joanne took advantage of early retirement and decided to launch a second career that would tap into her creative side and utilize her well-honed organizational skills. Slowly, a writing practice emerged. Her articles and book reviews were published in newspapers, magazines, and online. When she tried her hand at fiction, she made reinvention a recurring theme in her novels and short stories. A member of Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, and Romance Writers of America, Joanne writes paranormal romance, cozy mysteries, and inspirational literature from her home base of Guelph, Ontario.



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