Thursday, June 25, 2015


How many times have we wished for a do-over in life? Time and Forever caught my imagination from page one. In this book, the main characters of Sherry and Lorena get to do just that. In their sixties, they enter a virtual reality game so Sherry can re-experience a moment from her past. What they don’t realize is the “game” is actually a time machine that transports you to the place you want to be for two weeks. The ladies end up in London, 1969, the age of hippies, man landing on the moon, and the Vietnam War.

 I enjoyed their trip through time and reading about the moon landing, clothing styles, and the difference a few years make. Think about it, personal computers, cell phones, tablets, e-readers, email, DVD’s, IPod’s, and CD’s didn’t exist in that time. If you wanted to listen to music, it was on vinyl and on a record player, a computer could take up a whole room, if you wanted to read, you picked up a book. You wrote letters and mailed them through the post office that would take several days or weeks to reach the recipient instead of hitting send on your personal computer and having it arrive in a few seconds.

The author really brings the time to life. I felt like I was in London with Sherry and Lorena. I felt their excitement at looking and feeling twenty again, their joy of rediscovering the past, and the struggle not  to mention items or events of the future. 

I was so happy for the character of Sherry who had an enjoyable life, but was given a second chance to reconnect with that special guy from her past. The quandary, how could she keep the guy and not make her two adult children disappear in the future?

Lorena, on the other hand, had married the love of her life, was a successful actress, and blessed with a grandson that kept her young at heart. From the outside, Lorena had led a wonderful life. What nobody saw was her crying on the inside, her heart broken from losing her husband to cancer four years earlier. It wasn’t until she remembered his dying words that Lorena discovered a mysterious letter that led her to an adventure of her own.

The two ladies do make their way back to the future and resume the lives they temporarily took a vacation from. Will the happiness from the past, follow them back to the future? Only time will tell.

I highly recommend this book from Susan B. James. An excellent read and a great escape from the realities of life.

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