Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Almost Christmas

I love Christmas. I could do without the cold and I'm really not a fan of snow unless it stays on the grass and off the sidewalks and road, other than that, it's all good. This month has been unusually busy for me. Normally, all shopping would be done or nearly done, presents would be wrapped, I would annoy all my friends by telling them daily how many days until get the idea? That hasn't happened this year. I just started shopping. I haven't wrapped a single present. I did manage to get the tree up and I'm way behind on telling people how many days until Christmas (21 in case you were curious).

I've been working on book two in the Sasha Bishop series. I had a bad case of writer's block, but now that has passed and the story is moving right along. I signed a contract with Soul Mate Publishing for book two in the Forest of the Mist series. This is titled Awakening and will be available in the summer of 2015.

I did have some exciting news this month. One of my favorite authors is Carolyn Haines. She writes the Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery series. I love these books and the characters. Carolyn had a couple of short stories come out this month. I was selected to receive advanced copies and review them. That was exciting for me. Also, I entered Carolyn's contest last month to win one of her books and I won! So excited about this.

This month, instead of an author interview or blogging about the writing business, I am going to do a list of my top 25 books of all time. Maybe you have read some of them. Maybe you haven't. Check them out, either way.

1.  The Sarah Booth Delaney Mysteries by: Carolyn Haines
2.  A Time to Kill by John Grisham
3.  The Prey series by: John Sandford
4.  The Immortal Instruments series by: Cassandra Clare
5.  The Vanished series by: Meg Cabot
6.  The Harry Potter series by: J.K. Rowling
7.  The Belgariad series by: David Eddings
8.  The Infernal Devices series by: Cassandra Clare
9.  The Mediator series by: Meg Cabot
10. Avalon High by: Meg Cabot
11. The Twilight Series by: Stephenie Meyer
12. The Mallorian series by: David Eddings
13. The Chronicles of Narnia by: C.S. Lewis
14. The Divergent series by: Veronica Roth
15. The Hunger Games series by: Suzanne Collins
16. The Trylle series by: Amanda Hocking
17. The Keys Trilogy by: Nora Roberts
18. The Whiskey Creek series by: Brenda Novak
19. 11/22/63 by: Stephen King
20. The Kingdom Keepers series by: Ridley Pearson
21.  Sycamore Row by: John Grisham
22. The Ghost and the Goth by: Stacey Kade
23. The Polar Express by: Chris Van Allsburg
24. Sasha Bishop: Retired Slayer by: Carly Jordynn
25. Forest of the Mist series by: Carly Jordynn

Yes, 24 and 25 are my own books and I like them. I enjoyed writing them and I love the characters so yes, they are on my list :)

Have a happy and merry CHRISTMAS!

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